Year 11s from rural NSW meet in Sydney

Year 11s came from all over rural NSW to meet, and talk about education and growing up rural. 

“Over the past few days I was humbled and privileged to participate in the NSW Rural Youth Ambassador Orientation Forum. 

Heading in, I was rather nervous as I was about to meet 20 young people from all around the state for the very first time. 

From the first moment we all gathered together you could feel a sense of connection. Conversations began brewing and friendships were being formed. 

Reflecting on the last few days there are many highlights that come to mind. From group bonding sessions to the little outings that allowed us to discover a bit of Sydney. My highlight from this trip was definitely getting out of my comfort zone and meeting some incredible people, not to mention the dumplings at the Nepalese restaurant. 

Over the period of only 3 days, our group of 20 young people from all across our state united behind some common issues affecting rural youth and formed a project that we believe will make a significant impact on the 60,000+ young people we’ve been chosen to represent. 

Finally, a major thank you to Phil, Jemma & Bev.”

— Eli Davern

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