What we do

We fundamentally believe in the resilience and brilliance of all rural young people and know doors open when our young people are informed and inspired. Our work focuses on three key themes: challenge, belief and connection.


Through a range of workshops, information sessions and leadership opportunities we build the capacity of rural and remote young people. We offer programs such as the Rural Youth Ambassadors, Local Rural Youth Ambassador programs, and the Leadership in Me.


We know that rural young people can achieve awesome things. We foster self-belief by sharing stories, connecting successful rural people back to their communities, finding exciting rural people to meet with, and offering a range of tools so dreams can grow uninhibited.


Through linking rural and remote young people with peers, to guest presenters, mentors, organisations and employers, we increase the awareness of future opportunities for our rural young people. We provide this through information sessions, facilitating work experience, local workshops and sharing University Open Days