What is Rural Inspire?

Rural Inspire is a youth-driven initiative that brings together all rural and remote young people regardless of their personal experiences, where they live and who they are.

It fosters connections, aspirations and opportunities between rural and remote young people.

It was developed by the Rural Youth Ambassadors.

Since its inception, Rural Inspire has been powered by an ever-growing, diverse team of passionate rural and remote young people from across the country.

Real stories from our rural young people

From our diverse personal experiences, we know that all young people in rural and remote Australia would like better access to opportunities, information, and networks to help them achieve their dreams.

We also know that many rural and remote young people have achieved exciting things after leaving school – like taking on significant leadership roles in government, business and community organisations.

At a local, state and national level, Rural Inspire works to remind everyone that growing up in a rural or remote place is not a burden, it’s a catalyst for collaboration and new thinking.

Our work focuses on three key motifs: Believe, Connect and Challenge. 


We know that rural young people can achieve awesome things. We foster self-belief by sharing stories, connecting successful rural people back to their communities, finding exciting rural people to meet with, and offering a range of tools so dreams can grow uninhibited.


Through linking rural and remote young people with peers, to guest presenters, mentors, organisations and employers, we increase the awareness of future opportunities for our rural young people. We provide this through information sessions, facilitating work experience, local workshops and sharing things. 


Through a range of workshops, information sessions and leadership opportunities we build the capacity of rural and remote young people. We offer programs such as the Rural Youth Ambassadors, Local Rural Youth Ambassador programs, and Leadership in Me.