What is Rural Inspire?

Rural Inspire is a youth driven initiative that brings together rural and remote young people to foster connections, aspirations and opportunities. The initiative was developed by a group of Rural Youth Ambassadors in 2014. Since our inception, Rural Inspire has been powered by an ever-growing team of passionate rural young people from across the country.

From personal experience, we know that young people in rural Australia would like better access to opportunities, information, and networks to help everyone achieve their dreams.

We also know that many rural and remote young people have achieved awesome things after leaving school – like taking on significant leadership roles in government, business and community organisations.

At a local, state and national level, Rural Inspire works to remind everyone that growing up in a rural or remote place is not a burden, it’s a catalyst for collaboration and new thinking.

Our overall aim is to create confident and informed young people, who are mobilised towards realising their dreams and who are ready to pave their life path.