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University is one option for pursuing higher education. An undergraduate degree usually takes around three years to complete. After that, you can choose to do further study or try to find a job in your field of study. You might have a lot of questions about moving to university. Where do I stay? What happens if I change my mind? What are the pros of going to university?

What are the pros of going to university?
  • At university you learn a lot about your chosen field of study.
  • University graduates can earn larger salaries, particularly if they go on to complete postgraduate study, and there is enough time while you’re studying to do things like internships or volunteer positions.
  • University is very flexible — by and large, you get to choose a timetable that works for you. It’s also an easy process to defer, modify enrolments or change courses once you’re admitted at a university.
  • The university experience is a very social one. Universities are great places to meet like-minded people, especially if you live in student residence.
  • There’s the possibility of international exchange and travel programs, which are widespread across all institutions in Australia, allowing you to learn, travel and grow, all at the same time.
Links to help you in your journey
  • Youth Central have information about the university basics – plus some great links to other websites.
  • Course seeker provides information about the university courses available across Australia. They also have information about ATARs, prerequisites and enrollment information.
  • Study assist explains how to get a government supported loan for your study fees. Also known as HELP loans, this is where the government pays your university fees until you’re earning enough to pay them back. You pay back you HELP loans over many years, and only once you’re earning a decent salary.
  • If you are keen to go to university but want to study from home, a Regional University Centre could be a good place to visit. Centres are available in remote and regional areas throughout Australia. They aim to support students studying online by providing campus-style facilities.
  • The Educational Access Scheme helps students who have experienced significant disadvantage get into university.

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