South Australia RYA: What happened in Adelaide

The first South Australian RYA forum finished on Friday. From the minute we all arrived in Adelaide, the Ambassadors instantly made connections and friendships with each other.

For the first few hours we identified the main issues about education in rural communities. After a few hours of working together, we were put in groups and cooked meals in the apartments to finish off the day. Some meals were cooked to perfection while others came out a little charcoaled. 😉

We discussed what to expect in the next 9 months of being a part of the Rural Youth Ambassador program. 

Thursday saw us heading off on a train to Flinders University. Once we arrived, we used a classroom in the University to eagerly discuss topics around the learning of rural schools and how we can make a positive difference. After many passionate discussions, we headed down to eat lunch in the food court of Flinders University and got to see what it’s like being at Uni. This was a wonderful bonding experience during our downtime. We then got straight back into our discussion to narrow down our point of focus. 

At the end of the day, we had the pleasure of meeting David – who has had a big impact on the RYA program – and three wonderful ladies who are studying at a university and who have been a part of the Rural Youth Ambassador Program in the past. This was a great experience to talk to amazing people with such unique experiences in life.

 — Abigail, Georgia, Emily, Kayley, Olivia

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Ambassadors arrive in Adelaide

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