Running my own online business

I run a small business that strives to handcraft timeless western theme products. Wild Heart Country Co was founded a year ago. It started as a covid lockdown hobby. I was doing a bit of soul searching really, and just wanted to do or make something creative and get my mind off things. So I started it.

Wild Heart Country Co

The name Wild Heart came from never settling – always keeping that wild spark within me. It’s just grown from the idea of having something fun to do, to what it is now which is something really cow themed. It’s a boutique, I make some cool signs, cups, and neck scarves. It’s all accessories I make from home. 

I have girls from over the country who represent the company as brand ambassadors. So any event they go to they represent the brand and wear our stuff as well as promote the page. They’re really good supporters of mine. 

To choose the ambassadors, I put out a Facebook post and then it went to an application process. There are a few basic questions they have to answer, and they can’t be camera shy. I had 200 applicants. Out of that 200 I picked five girls, who are from various parts of Victoria, some are from Northern NSW and Western NSW. They’re fairly well spread out. 

Once they go through the application process, they receive free merch, model products, have photoshoots and do all those fun things. Once they go to events — if they camp, draft or show cows, if they need a patch for their saddle — I provide merch on behalf of the company for promotion.

Nellie Witt is a year 12 student from
Lismore, Northern NSW.

Promoting women in rural NSW

The name — Wild Heart — is to promote women in rural NSW and to remind them that it’s ok to continue their wild spark and have fun. I wanted to make it really positive. 

Creating the Wild Heart team acts as a bit of a safe place. The girls start the year as complete strangers, and by the end of the year they’ve grown really nice friendships and meet up with each other at events. It’s really nice that they get to meet a lot of people through the brand because the customers follow their journey. 

Finding new interests

Out of this project I’ve really found a passion for marketing. I love the marketing and design side of things. Being able to create content you put on your page, being able to work with photographers, and making something that’s appealing to most people. I guess the main aim of it was that I was really sick of buying things that didn’t last or didn’t represent me. So I started creating them because I knew a lot of people were importing things from America. The idea was to create these sort of timeless western themed products. That’s the main aim of it, stuff that doesn’t go out of date, fits any style and has an appeal in Australia. 

“I started the year with 50 followers and now it’s over 1000.”
Wild Heart Country Ambassador
Wild Heart Country Co products
Wild Heart in the future

I’d love to make it into a boutique – an actual shop – one day instead of being just online. I’d love to get as many young girls involved as I can. Even if it’s only five people per year, it’s five people who are invited to be part of a really close family. So kind of similar to the Rural Youth Ambassadors, we’re all complete strangers, but we all have common interests. So I guess to continue that and continue to support other women in the rural setting.

Wild Heart Country Co products and ambassadors
Wild Heart Country Co Ambassador

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