Renae on Working in Education

Bindjali Land (Kaniva, Victoria)
Bachelor of Education/Health Science, Flinders University
PE and agricultural teacher, rural education 

Renae’s Journey

After Year 12

I moved to Adelaide to live at St Marks College and study a Bachelor of Health Science for my first year of study as a pathway to get into Bachelor of Education/Health Science.

Why Education?

Coming from a small rural town I knew how important having access to a quality education as a student was. I want to help create successful opportunities and possibilities for all students no matter age or location. I knew that being a teacher allows for this to happen as you see students 5 days a week for a long time of their lives.

I knew that being a PE teacher was something I could do well and have fun while promoting good learning abilities for all students to access. Teachers from my hometown had a huge impact on my schooling life, I want to do the same in my profession.

Work and Study

I am studying PE and English teaching at Flinders University in Adelaide while working at an OSHC (out of school hours care) program at a school. I have continued to play and coach sport while being in Adelaide which has been a very good social outlet.

Overcoming Challenges

I did not get the entry score for my degree so I had to complete my first year of uni in a pathway course. Moving away from home was challenging but it has gotten easier and moving to a residential college was the best thing to help with my issues, budgeting and using my money wisely.

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