Rahni on CFA Volunteering and Hospitality

Gundijimara Land (Timboon, Victoria)
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Staying local and involved in my community

What came after year 12?

I really had no plan at all. Since school I’ve been doing little bits and pieces for the community and trying to make my way in the big wide world. So far I think I’ve done okay. 

I love where I live and what I’m doing and look forward to progressing further in my community and I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away for too long. This is my home and I believe (at this time) this is where I belong.

How have you stayed involved in the community?

I used to help out the physio at the footy club, which got me interested and led me to work as an Ambulance Community Officer (ACO). It’s a volunteer position that works with a trained paramedic, so I’m first aid trained and do shifts with them. I really love being an ACO. It’s really eye opening – you see people in their weakest moments, and you get to be there to help them. It’s really rewarding a lot of the time. Although it can seem like a really daunting job to a lot of people, like it might be a life or death situation, it’s not really like that. I really love it. 

As well as that, when the 2018 fires happened in my local area I was motivated to become a volunteer firefighter. Now I am part of a leadership program for women in the CFA. Plus, in the recent CFA elections I got elected to the Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (FVBV) which is the representative body for CFA Volunteers. They focus on the experience of CFA volunteers, uniting their voice and advocating for the experience of volunteer firefighters. 

What do the next few years look like?

I honestly don’t know what my next few years might look like. I am hoping to take over the business that I’m currently working at – the Timboon Provedore. I want to make it my own because I love working there and I always have loved working there. If that doesn’t work for me then I might pursue a career in paramedicine I might follow that career path and if that doesn’t work then I’m just gonna continue winging it. It has been working for me so far. 

What does staying involved locally mean to you? 

Staying involved in my community means everything to me. My community has been there for me and I’ve been there for it for multiple years. I have always been there; I will always be there; I love it so much it’s fantastic.  It’s very involving, it’s very rewarding and it’s very much my home.

Rahni also spoke to us about the leadership program she’s been doing with the CFA. Find out more here.

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