Olivia on Beauty Therapy

Djadjawurung Land (Donald, Victoria)
Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College
Beauty Therapist

Backup plan turned career

Doing TAFE in high school

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after school while I was in year 11 and 12. Beauty therapy was actually more of a back up plan. In year 10 my school offered us the chance to do a TAFE course while we were still in high school. So I did a Cert III in beauty therapy while I was in year 10 at Donald High School. So I guess because I already had that, I was able to keep beauty therapy as my back up plan. 

By the time I got to year 12, I still didn’t really know what to do. I’ve always had an interest in beauty therapy,  and my mum encouraged me to try it, so I did.

Studying at Elly Lukas

I studied at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College which I really enjoyed. Everything they offer there is so good – it’s one of the best beauty therapy schools in Australia. I was there four days a week, from 9.30 for full days of study.

Once I finished I started looking for jobs. I did find work at a big salon in the city, but I didn’t really enjoy it there. I moved to Geelong and was still travelling into Melbourne two/three days a week. It wasn’t really working so I started job hunting around Geelong. That’s when I got my current job at Saltair Day Spa. I’ve been here for two years. I love it, I’m planning on staying here for a while.

The salon in Melbourne was actually smaller than where I am now, so it was surprisingly more quiet, which I didn’t expect. I think because Torquay is smaller, we get more regular clients from the community which I really enjoy.

Being a Beauty Therapist 

I work casually now but I pretty much do full time hours. Especially during summer when I’ll do like 9.30-5.30 five days a week. The job does have a lot of weekend work, as that’s when most of our clients come in. You kind of have to give up a bit of your social life but it’s worth that. We mostly offer massage and facial treatments which is a pretty full on type of work, it can be really demanding on your body.

A supportive industry 

It’s a really good industry to work in. Sometimes people think, because it is a female-dominated industry, that it mightn’t be that supportive, but I haven’t found that. I love the team I work with and I feel really supported by them. There are 20 girls on staff, it feels like a family, we all get along so well. It’s a really supportive work environment.

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