Alice on Studying Psychological Science

Jaitmathang Land (Myrtleford, Victoria)
Bachelor of Psychological Science, Deakin University
Music Therapist

Alice’s Journy

High School

I went to a small school of about 150 students, so we were a tight knit cohort. We were also privileged enough to have close relationships with all our teachers which was not only a helpful learning tool, but it also meant they were able to create a personalised learning environment. In primary school, I had a music teacher who had an enormous impact on me, she inspired me to take up piano, guitar and many other instruments and instilled in me a lifelong love for music. In late high school I was lucky enough to have a dedicated Psychology teacher, who put enormous amounts of work into every class. She introduced me to my love of people and how we operate and because of this teacher I decided to enrol in Psychology at university.


I chose to study at Deakin University in Burwood because of an older Rural Youth Ambassador. Although I went to many open days and talked to university staff, the best insight into university came from an ambassador that already had experience. 

I am in my second year of Psychological Science at Deakin University, and am doing online study. It was quite difficult transferring to online study, especially as I am a people person, I MUCH prefer going into class and talking to people in the seminars. Slowly I am adjusting, and the University has been understanding, offering extensions and lots of help services. However, it is still difficult to meet people and make friends, but we are all finding ways around it.

Rural Impressions

I know that growing up in a rural area is an advantage, it has given me a much closer connection to the environment and an appreciation for natural beauty that many people do not have. I can go for a walk and name every plant and every animal, which many of my peers cannot do. It also means that I come from a tight knit community and have a strong support network behind me, I could go home and see my third-grade art teacher and have a coffee and catch up. I have been lucky enough to have an amazing family and come from a great school with great teachers and friends, which enabled me to go into university and thrive.

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