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Life after school can be a confusing time. Maybe your friends are set on university, or TAFE, or finding full time work, while you’re still unsure. That’s ok.

Rural Inspire is made up of young people from rural communities, just like you, who have already started their journeys into life after high school. The Rural Inspire Team are ready to share our stories, our experiences and our advice to help you on your journey ahead. We are working to connect you with the right people and resources so you can feel excited about the future. You can ask us anything about your pathway beyond school, just flick us an email and we’ll be ready:

The National Careers Institute

The National Careers Institute is also a great resource. They offer a free, 45-minute phone career guidance session. The service is available for people 15-24. All you have to do is:

These career guidance sessions can help you by:

  • Helping figure out your goals, and how to achieve them
  • Connecting you with any financial assistance that you might be eligible for
  • Helping you make a list of the positives and negatives of moving away
  • Talking you through the educational pathways and job opportunities available in your local area.
Links to help you in your journey
  • Your Future Career tool is a good starting point for finding careers that suit your interests. You can also preference if you have any ‘dealbreakers’ such as long hours or physically demanding work.
  • Your Career is a platform that provides information on different career options and can help you plan and manage your career.
  • My future is a resource that has activities for students years 7 to 12 to work out which kind of career might suit you best.
  • Study Work Grow is a comprehensive guide to life after school. It includes resources around university, TAFE, full-time work, gap years and scholarships. 


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Life after school

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