Nick on his Passion for Music

Djadjawurung Land (North Avoca, Victoria)
Music, entertainment and self development

After growing up in rural Victoria, Nick Read is now a full-time musician and DJ based on the northern part of the Central Coast NSW. He has performed on TV (CH9 Footy Show, Morning Show / CH7 Australia’s got Talent) Radio (101.3 SeaFm, 104.5 Star) and at over 150 wedding venues, function centres, pubs and clubs across NSW.

Nick’s Story

A passion for music

I’m a full-time musician / DJ and performer. I work close to 50-60 weddings a year and play at pubs and clubs. I have also just started releasing my own originals independently and my passion has always been music / business and self development. I’m working towards goals to record more and start teaching music to students again either djing or guitar and singing. I’m currently trying to win an award again with the NSW ABIA wedding awards. In 2019, I was #1 in the wedding ceremony music category.

I’ve just got married in April and we are building our family. We are working towards investment properties and our 10 year goal is to own a massive piece of land to build our own wedding venue.

Career paths can change

The subjects I chose for year 12 at Terrigal High School were physics, 3U Math, engineering studies, chemistry and english. I had 11 units taken into my HSC. While I had a lot of opportunities in school, I had the chance to go to Uni, study a BSc of Science (which wasn’t for me) and I worked my way around 3 jobs before deciding to start my own business. Life is a constant lesson. There are sometimes no straight paths, and there are no real textbook ways. I saw students with ATAR’s of 98+ go on to do nothing and students who “failed” go on to be incredibly successful. The real skills in life is the overall grit and endurance, not the immediate success!

Nick has been led by his passion for music. Now, it’s part of his working life.

Plenty of Benefits from Rural Schooling

School gave me an environment to work hard. To learn to commit to my studies. To become fascinated and a life-long student. It gave me skills to do ongoing research and a social environment to learn how to work and be around others. I also met an amazing mentor which was the head of the Science department (Dr. Stephen Nugent). He fed my thirst for science knowledge and also for self-awareness and buddhism. I went on to study buddhism for a long time and still practise to this day.

I grew up with kids from rich backgrounds and poor backgrounds. But in school, we were all equals. We had a great community full of things to do. We had the beach, the shops and all around Terrigal was an awesome place to hang out and grow up. I met my best friend of 13 years at that school and we played in a band together for a few years. Looking back, they were the best years of my life.

Business and Life Plans

I’ve put some changes in place to get more of a work/life balance and to prioritise family. I underwent a massive transformation over the last year and a half, especially after COVID decimated my industry. I have shifted my focus to include my family in our goals and the big 10 year goal is to have a wedding venue.

I’d like to record a 12 track album over the next few years. I’d like to also eventually employ staff and take on more bookings.

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