Life After School

Making the Move

Moving out of home for the first time can feel like a huge step. Maybe there is a lot you feel you don’t know. Where do I live? Where do I eat? How do I manage my money?

Journey Mates
  • Journey mates links any rural student with another rural young person who is already on a path you might be interested in. They can offer you tips, tricks and guidance for your journey.
Finding accommodation
  • If you’re wanting to move in with other people, Fairy Floss Real Estate or are good resources for finding available rooms or housemates to start looking with.
  • For student residential accommodation, Unilodge provides options across Australia.
  • Student Housing Australia is a platform for finding student residence options in each state.
  • Once you’ve found housemates or have decided to live by yourself, and Domain are good websites to start looking for a house or apartment.
  • Tenants Victoria provides advice on your rights as a tenant and offers support if you have any issues with your house, landlord or real-estate agent.
Meeting new people

Sometimes it can feel challenging to meet new people when you move somewhere new. Joining local clubs can be a great way to meet people. If sport is your thing, find out what sports are played in your area. Or if drama if more your jam, find out if there is a local theatre group you can join.

  • Volunteering can also be a great way to make friends. Check out Volunteering Australia for different volunteer positions around the country.
Cooking & shopping

As a young person, it can be important to cook and shop on a budget.

Looking after your mental health
  • Lifeline is a 24hr mental health support phone line. Call anytime for a chat with a trained professional.
  • Headspace is a mental health service specially for young people. You can visit your Headspace centre or access help online or over the phone.
  • Beyond Blue has a load of information about how to support yourself and those around you.
Looking after your general health
  • Find a clinic is a good searching tool for sexual health clinics in your area.
  • The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service shows a list of clinics that provide health services to Koorie communities in Victoria.
  • Health insurance might also be something you consider, CHOICE provides information on health insurance.
  • If you haven’t already, it could be a good idea to get your own Medicare Card, instead of being on your parent’s card.

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