Maddy on Living in Canada

Wergaia Land (Warracknabeal, Victoria)
Early Years Education, Childcare

Maddy’s Journey

Leaving School

Since graduating high school in 2014 my life has been nothing short of hectic. I moved to Melbourne and started attending Deakin University. Now as a student that received high grades and was incredibly involved with her school and community, it was expected of me to go to university. The problem was, I had NO IDEA what I even wanted to do. 

I picked a course that I was mildly interested in (communications and media) and started university. Many people around me showed great interest in their courses whereas I didn’t.

In the first few months of university I met my future husband, a lovely Canadian boy. After he left I realised the only reason I enjoyed uni was because of him. I ended up moving back home towards the end of the year and spoke with my parents and decided I was taking a pause on uni to explore and really make sure this course was what I wanted to do.

I decided to spend my time away from uni living overseas with my boyfriend. So I moved to Canada temporarily.

Moving to Canada

After a few months working as a waitress I was able to land a part time job at a childcare center helping with an after school program. I thoroughly enjoyed working with children and as time went on my hours and shifts were extended until I was working full time. I was eventually offered a full time position as a special needs assistant as I had shown a talent in working with children with varying needs.

By 2017, I decided to start studying my early years education and care diploma and drop out of my university course back in Australia. I love early years education and wanted to be fully qualified to run programs.

My Path with Early Years Education

By 2018 I was back in Australia and finished my Early Years diploma and had started working at the local childcare center. In 7 months I went from a student getting placement hours done, to a supervisor to the manager. I loved running the center and helping build up its credibility to a point where we were full every day. I am so proud of that center and everything we were able to achieve.

Where am I now and what’s next?

I am back in Canada waiting for my next work visa to come through and my application to become a permanent resident to be accepted. 

I have been looking into degrees regarding social and youth work lately and think I will study this in the coming years. I have found that while I love teaching and guiding children, the thing I am excellent at is building trusting relationships with at risk families.

What I wish I knew before I left high school

The thing I wished I knew in high school was it really is okay to take a year or two or five to really figure out what you want and who you want to be. I know so many people who rushed into university but didn’t leave like I did when they realized they hated their course. These people now have debt to pay back for a degree they will never use.

It’s okay to not know what you want to do. I highly encourage taking the time to explore, work different jobs and meet new people. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone to really grow.

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