Localised Rural Youth Ambassadors

The localised Rural Youth Ambassador builds on the statewide Rural Youth Ambassador program and focuses on partnering with rural and regional communities to enhance the aspirations and opportunities for the local young people who live in them.

The program is currently focused on supporting clusters and networks of rural schools within Victoria. It has a strong youth-centred approach, supporting local young people to deliver information, activities, workshops and presentations – all aimed at enhancing aspirations. We link local ambassadors with community leaders, businesses, and organisations who can support the dreams of young people.

The Localised Rural Youth Ambassador program caters for students currently in years 10-12, and aims to involve 10-20 local ambassadors per cluster of schools. Once the group is established, the ambassadors develop a project to implement within the community, aimed at improving rural youth aspirations locally.

Like the state-wide program, the Localised Rural Youth Ambassadors draw on their experience of growing up rural and develop projects and initiatives focused on inspiring young people in their local community. They are a strong community voice, who understand and advocate for what their peers require to succeed.

If you would like to get involved, develop your leadership skills, or bring a Localised Rural Youth Ambassador Program to your community, send us a message: ruralinspire@cep.org.au