Leadership in me

The Leadership in Me program is a partnership program between Rural Inspire and rural primary schools.

Research indicates that we begin making decisions about our future as early as primary school. Leadership in Me encourages our senior primary school students to identify their dreams, believe in their dreams and build the skills necessary to achieve them.

We partner with interested schools, or clusters of schools, to do the following:

  • Facilitate workshops and student sessions that build confidence, student voice and awareness
  • Involve inspirational people from the local community in facilitating workshops and mentoring so they can become valuable resources for students.
  • Develop a student-led initiative within the schools that aims to lift the aspirations of young people. 

Check out what Cobram Primary School did when they engaged with the Leadership in Me program. If you want to see this program happen in your community get in touch: ruralinspire@cep.org.au