Kristy on Transitioning to University

Latje Latje Land (Murrayville, Victoria)
Bachelor of Exercise Science/Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Flinders’ University in Adelaide.

Kristy’s Journey


I love most things about my uni, it feels like a community and not a building. There are so many things on offer for students, gym, food, post office, health clinics. I love the peacefulness and the views are amazing. I feel it has a united way of learning and it reminds me of school.

I chose to study at Flinders University in Adelaide for a few reasons: being a country kid I hate driving and walking around in the main city mostly! I like the location of Flinders and the trees and lake. I was also very attracted by the fact my course is a double degree. It sounds cheesy but I found that it just felt right to be here.

Finding the Right Course

I had no idea what I wanted to do in my final year of high school and it bothered me. However, I knew what things I liked. My favourite subjects in school were Health and Human Development, Physical Education and English. I attended a uni open day and went to some of the course presentations. The exercise science degree really grabbed my attention because I was familiar with some of the content and was attracted to how practical the topics were. I believe had I never gone to that presentation and approached the current students to ask them personally what they thought I would not be doing this today. 

Moving Out

I grew up on a farm about 10km out of the town of Murrayville in the Mallee Region. My favourite memory of childhood is my 3 sisters and I playing sport and helping out the family with sheepwork. 

School was boring to me as it if for most kids, Yet, I realised how lucky I was to have the small classes, teachers who often gave up their time after school to help me out, and a very nice and supporting environment. I had such a great experience at Murrayville and will forever be grateful for the opportunities it provided me with. Although sometimes we forget growing up in small town that there is a big, wide world out there with countless opportunities and so moving from rural to Adelaide, was liberating but also hard. 

University Transition

Sometimes growing up in small town you can become narrow minded and forget there is a big wide world out there filled with opportunities for you to do whatever you want to. My biggest tip would be to put yourself out there, join sports teams, clubs, a gym, just find things that allow you to meet people and you feel much more at home.

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