Julia’s Gap Year in a Van

While everyone else I knew was travelling around Europe for their gap year, my friend and I bought a van and decided to explore Australia.

We travelled for 5 adventure-filled months and saw so many different sides of Australia. We swam in waterholes, danced at deserted camping grounds, listened to too many albums and podcasts, visited a hippie community, and walked around Uluru.

It was an adventure I will always hold close to my heart because it was my first taste of real freedom. We went to bed each night without a plan for the following day. And we didn’t have to answer to anyone (hello chocolate for dinner and overly long leg hairs).

From the dashboard of Julia’s van

Travelling in a van was also cheap, which meant we could travel more and work for less of our gap year. We mostly stayed at free camping locations, which we found on the apps Wikicamps and Campermate. Our biggest expense was fuel, which is kind of crazy for 5 months of living!

On our travels we met so many interesting people which helped me to shape a broader perspective of the world.

I could not recommend van travel more. It is such a fun and liberating way to live and teaches you so many skills you can bring back to your ‘normal’ life.  

Julia and friend at Uluru

Julia and the van

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