Julia on Studying Arts

Boonwurrung Land (Stony Creek,  Victoria)
Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Studies), University of Melbourne

Julia’s Journey


I chose to study arts at Melbourne University because of I love its location. I love all of the coffee shops, bars and secondhand stores in the suburbs surrounding the uni. So far, I have had a really positive university experience. While some people say that studying takes up a lot of your time, I’ve found that the flexible timetable means there is plenty of time to hang out with your mates and go on adventures. I’m also living on res which has been a great way of meeting people. It has definitely made the transition to a new city much easier! 


I was a Rural Youth Ambassador in 2016; it was an amazing experience that taught me how powerful young people’s voice can be. 

When I finished school I had a hard time deciding whether to pursue a double degree of arts/law or just do an arts degree. I ended up deciding on arts because I felt it would enable me to explore more of what I’m interested in. In the future I would love to work in the media industry. I love being creative and having a divserse set of projects to work on. 

Rural Impressions

I grew up on a farm in South Gippsland, Victoria. It was a 10min drive to the nearest town and a 40min bus ride to the school. South Gippsland is a really green part of Victoria and our backyard definitely reflected this.  It was a little oasis full of trees. 

I think it was an advantage growing up rural: I developed resilience, independence, and a way of looking at the world that is different to people who grew up in the city. 

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