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Rural Inpsire’s Journey Mates is a chance for you to connect with a rural young person who has already started their life after school. We know hundreds of young people from all over the country who are studying, working, starting apprenticeships, volunteering, travelling and who are ready to answer your questions.

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  • Journey Mates is a program that connects you to another rural person who has already started a similar pathway after school.
  • Reflections from young people about their Journey Mate experience.
  • Find your Journey Mate online form.

Want to know what the day-to-day is like in a particular job or industry? Looking for someone who went to TAFE, or uni, or both? Want first-hand insights into what a particular uni is like? Advice about moving interstate? Is it worth doing an internship or volunteer work? No matter the journey, we’ll connect you with another rural young person who has already started down a similar pathway.

Fill out the online form below and we’ll get to work finding your Journey Mate.

Once we know what kind of journey you’re interested in, we will connect you to a mentor with relevant first hand experiences. Depending on your preferences, we will link you via social media or email.

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Sarah talks about her Journey Mate and the kind of questions she was able to get answered.


“Kirsty was so helpful and made me feel at ease about going to uni. I asked Kirsty questions about whether she recommended buying the textbooks, what subjects she found easy or hard. She even showed me an app and computer program that she found helpful when studying specific things like human bones.”

– Caitlin, Maryborough

“Being paired up with Joe was an extremely good fit. He was from a similar background, living in a rural area and also moved away to study in the agriculture sector. He has been super supportive and reassured me that if I am ever stuck with anything or face any troubles he is only a phone call or text message away.”

– Toby, Boorcan


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