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Gap Year

A Gap Year is the name given to the year between finishing VCE and starting tertiary education or joining the workforce. There are many reasons students choose to take a gap year. Some students feel it’s a good opportunity to rejuvenate, earn some money, gain life experience, and truly think through their decisions for the future.

Links to help you in your journey
  • Year 13 are an Australian organisation who provide resources for school leavers. They can connect you with work, travel and volunteering opportunities.
  • Youth Central unpacks some of the reasons you might take a gap year, and suggests some ways you can spend the year.
  • The Australian Defence Force offers gap year programs where you can earn a salary while travelling around Australia, gaining skills and experience.
  • Lattitude provides International Volunteering and Gap Year Placements for young adults, aged 17 to 25

Stories & advice

Thinking about working during a gap year? See Jack’s advice for job hunting.
Julia’s Gap Year in a Van
Claire’s Gap Year on a Station
Ruby’s Gap Year Abroad
Alannah’s Gap Year at Mt Buller

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