Claire on Life on a Station

Central West NSW
Currently working on a station in Central QLD. Planning to study agricultural science at CSU

Taking a gap year to work on a station in Central Queensland

How growing up on property influenced my future gap year

I grew up in Central West NSW on a small family property between Forbes and Canowindra. We have black Angus cattle, which we fatten up on pastures before selling on. I was pretty exposed to agriculture through this, as well as my dad being an agronomist. I always found it interesting & knew I wanted to be involved in the industry. Through a range of different agricultural experiences, it’s made me realise how excited I am to be going into this industry, it’s full of opportunities at the moment.

From working on the family property to working on a station

I’m currently on a gap year working on a station, before studying agricultural science at CSU next year. I’m working for Blair and Josie Angus. They own 4 properties around Central QLD. I am living on Sondella station.
My role is called a beef supply chain traineeship, so I have been able to immerse myself in the whole production line, from when a cow calves, to feedloting, to processing them through the plant!
At the moment, I’ve been working in the plant (abattoir) and processing beef. It’s been very interesting seeing the whole process come together from our days on kill floor to packaging the end product. Some days also involve going out into the paddock or yards and doing cattle work. It varies a lot depending on what is happening around the property.

Life on a station

Living on the station has been a great experience, there is an awesome crew and it feels like a big family, which makes being away from home much easier. Every week varies, between the station work, feedlot and abattoir so there are many diverse opportunities for workers.

I’ve really loved being up here. It’s amazing to see the other side of beef processing. It has really opened my eyes up career-wise. It’s always a blast working with the pastoral crew, we all get along so well and I learn so much. I’m really lucky to be working for the Angus’s, they’ve really looked after me and taught me many valuable lessons.

My advice for young people interested in working on a station

It’s great fun and I encourage anyone who’s interested in the industry to have a go at working on a station. It’s important to do your research on stations to ensure you get onto a place with a good crew and reputation.

Definitely would do it again in a heartbeat!!

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