Canberra: Day 2

Day 2 wrapped up late last night, after a day full of meetings, discussion groups and appointments.

Yesterday was a jam packed day for the Rural Youth Ambassadors. In the morning, we participated in many discussion groups. We met with Robbie from the National Careers Institute where we discussed pathways after school and how we received that information. We then met with members of the department to discuss the Regional University Centres initiative to explore further options and ideas to improve university access in rural areas. The majority of the group had a discussion over lunch with people from the education department about Rural Inspire whilst a couple of ambassadors met with their local member. 

We then travelled to Parliament House to present our ideas to Education Minister the Hon Alan Tudge and The Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services the Hon Luke Howarth. They were both very impressed with our presentation and we are optimistic they will take our ideas on board and want to work with us again. We then looked around Australian National University which was a great opportunity for the ambassadors to get a feel for uni life. We finished off the day with dinner where we met with past ambassadors and heard their stories. As the night came to an end we all sat down in a park for some time to reflect on our experience over the past twelve months.

– -Naomi Gerrard and Ben Caughey. Edited by Prabh Sandhu and Cordy Lloyd

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