Canberra: Day 1

The National Forum is an event held at Canberra in the ACT. The forum lasts 4 days, includes meetings with politicians, government officials and tours of universities in Canberra. 

We started our day with a buffet breakfast before preparing for the day ahead. After filling our stomachs, we held a brief meeting regarding our proposal to be presented to the ministers.

We then arrived at the parliament house and took some group photos. We first met with Minister Tehan together with his staff, Chief of Staff, Phil and Advisor, Dominic. The three main ideas: schools working together, mental health, and after school information, was discussed. We really valued the passion and support we got from Minister Tehan. His support of Rural Inspire was amazing. 

After a break in the cafe, the ambassadors each met with our local politicians to enlighten them about the program and got to know them. Our final meeting of the day was with Minister Gee, where we discussed our ideas again with a lot more cohesion. We were really happy and honoured for this opportunity and looking forward to the rest of the trip.

– Maddie, Cordy, Sam and Tayla

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