Breanna on Keeping her Options Open

Jaitmathang Land (Myrtleford, Victoria)
Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science, The University of Sydney
Travel around Australia, Move to Sydney

Breanna’s Journey

Gap Year

This year certainly hasn’t panned out the way I expected it to, as I was set to travel to Europe to teach English during my gap year this year, but I think that I’ve learnt a lot about the unexpected nature of life through the changes I’ve had to make in my plans. I’m certainly lucky to have already finished school; I can’t even imagine how hard VCE would be right now


I’ve deferred around 10 university courses from across the country, but have decided on Sydney because, well, to be quite honest, Melbourne is way too cold and dreary for me. I haven’t confirmed which course I’ll be doing there yet, but am thinking of The University of Sydney’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science. Hopefully this will be a good foundation for postgraduate studies, and will enable me to combine my love for languages and performing arts with that for science. 

When putting down my university preferences, I felt a lot of pressure to ‘use my ATAR’, especially as I worked so hard for it last year. But realistically I would rather be doing something I enjoy than something with a higher ATAR that I chose just for the sake of it, so that’s my plan.


I am working full time at the local pharmacy and then at the supermarket next door after hours. These have been crazy jobs to have during 2020, but I am so grateful to have them at a time when employment is hard to come by. I’m also in the process of renovating a van so I can travel around Australia when it is safe and legal to do so!

As I am moving to Sydney for university next year, I am also currently undergoing training for a role I have been cast for in the entertainment industry there, so this is also exciting and something to look forward to! 

Rural Impressions

Growing up surrounded by virtually the same cohort from Prep to Year 12 had it’s challenging times, but it’s something that made my school experience so special and rewarding, and that’s something you can’t get in the city. Walking down the street in town, everyone you pass flashes you a smile, and there’s a real sense that the people around you have your back. I like to think that growing up surrounded by this has made me into a friendlier and more approachable person, and that the value of community is something I can carry with me no matter where I am living. 

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