Blaise on Sports Therapy

Yorta Yorta Land (Nathalia, Victoria)
Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy, Australian College of Sports Therapy
Sports Therapist

Blaise’s Journey

High School

I basically fell into what I am doing. I went through school not really having a solid idea of what I wanted to do. It was often changing and tended to revolve around science. By year 12, I had decided to do something in Sport/Health as that’s what my interests were but still no clear direction. 

Halfway through year 12, I ruptured my ACL in my knee. This process pushed me into a rehab direction and then one day I went to a careers expo, found Sports Therapy and thought “yeah, I can see myself doing that!”


What appealed to me about the course was the many ways to help people to move and feel better, and it was very hands-on in a small group setting. I wasn’t overly keen on the whole big uni lecture theatre thing. 


I love that every day is different; you are always problem solving and it is so diverse in how you want to operate and specialise in. I also love getting to meet new people and helping them which is very rewarding.

Most people think that Physiotherapy is the best way to work with sporting people and treat them but there are so many other fields out there that are just as influential; such as Osteopathy or Myotherapy. Research into these other options — there are great pathways for these professions. The industry also allows you to dictate the Therapist that you want to be and not be defined by a title, but the product of your skills.

Rural Impressions

I grew up in Nathalia, a town of population 1500 in north central Vic. It’s a beautiful little town on the broken creek. It was a great little place to grow up, with a great sense of community. I was and still am involved in the local footy/netball club which also has a lot of involvement in the community. As a kid, I loved being able to go fishing and kayaking in the creek, lots of bike trails, you always felt safe and it is a short drive to the Murray River, where I spent countless summer days water skiing.

I find people who have grown up in rural areas have a far better understanding of the world and seem to have better life experience. You have a better relationship with the environment and understand first hand the effects on the environment. And I think there is just a lot more to do in the country to have fun when your growing up!

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