Baydon on Working in Foodservice Distribution

Wergaia Land (Warracknabeal, Victoria)
Ritchies IGA, PFD
Driving, instructing kids at cubs and scouts, travel

Why I realised that uni isn’t for me

My work journey so far

I grew up in Warracknabeal and went to the secondary college there. After I finished I did some casual work with GrainCorp for the harvest season. Then I became a casual worker at Ritchies IGA in Warracknabeal and was soon promoted to a management position in the liquor department. I then started working for PFD, and have recently got my truck licence. 

Choosing the right path

When I was finishing school I was feeling pretty mixed about things. At first I thought I wanted to go to uni, but after a bit of reflection I realised that uni really wasn’t my thing. I still wasn’t super sure what to do next, but I thought doing a few months of work would be a good place to start. Then I found my way into IGA as a casual worker, then as a manager and I work for PFD now. 

Getting qualifications while I work

At the moment I’m being put through a Cert III in warehousing, and then I’m hoping to get my driver operations certificate. Getting that certificate can lead to driving bigger transport trucks, or driving lead cars and escort cars, which would mean getting to drive all over the country.

Why uni didn’t suit me

When I was in year 12 I planned on going to uni. I even went through all of the courses that interested me and found an outdoor ed course that I really wanted to do. But I realised that in the end, I wouldn’t be guaranteed a job out of this. I wasn’t overly great at school either. I could see myself getting halfway through the course and realising it wasn’t for me. So I saved myself the trouble of getting half way through it, which was the right choice for me. 

What’s next?

My partner and I just bought a house in Dimboola, and we’re currently moving. We’re hoping to settle down there, start a family, and just see where life takes us. 

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