Alkina on finding her Community and Indigenous Art

Yorta Yorta Land (Echuca, Victoria)
Art, identity, community, country, and culture
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Connect to country and get inspiration from your own life journey.

Passions and how they have influenced the future

I am very passionate about my art, my identity, my community, country, and culture. I got my passion from my family members, watching them work hard to make change within our families and communities and listening to elders’ stories inspired me to step up and work in the positions I’m currently in now. I have always wanted to work with my community and for my mob. I love uplifting, empowering, and supporting my community. I believe that’s why I stepped into the family services field which I’m Now going on my 3rd year as a full-time family service worker.

As stated above I am absolutely in love with creating art. I learnt from the people around me. My mother, father, and family members. They taught me how to get inspiration from everything around us and tell my stories and history through paintings and drawings. Art to me is everything. It’s my dreaming and identity. It makes me who I am. I use art to share that and create spaces for conversations around Aboriginal history and culture and hope to inspire other Aboriginal people to do the same and be proud of who they are. Young and old.

Finding cultural diversity

During my early high school days, I felt displaced and isolated. It was hard growing up in the Echuca community being a young Indigenous kid. I knew I wanted more. I wanted more cultural diversity I wanted to be around more mob as a lot of mob from my age group left high school early. That’s when I made the change to start at ASHE. A blackfulla school, taught by koorie teachers and empowering young black kids. Going to ASHE I felt more empowered and confident enough to complete my education. Being taught through the education system by aunties, uncles, and cousins it truly inspired me to be proud and confident when it came to studies and finishing courses. I look back and wonder where I would be if I didn’t take that leap and go to ASHE. They really encouraged me to get on the right path be proud of the hard work I’ve done through school.

High school challenges

Early high school days I struggled a lot with my confidence. I was always very shy and hardly spoke as I never truly felt comfortable. Racism played a massive role as there was a lack of education and understanding around Australian and local Aboriginal history.

Living in a rural community

I love living and forever being on country and being connected to my community.
I love that I have the privilege to strongly be connected to where I’m from and do what I love most which is create art and support and empower mob in my local community.

Advice for young rural people especially Indigenous youth who are still in school

Connect to country and get inspiration from your own life journey, where you’re from and the stories from your communities that have been passed down to you.
Remember making mistakes is natural and it’s how we all learn so don’t ever be afraid of that. It also is living proof that you are getting back up and trying.

Be confident in yourself. Know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
Don’t ever change or dim your light. Embrace everything about you. Embrace and be strong in your identity. Your identity and experiences makes you who are you. Keep growing.

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